The Research, Dawah Institutes and Dawah Centers section of the department of religious affairs in the Ministry of Islamic Affairs carries out many important responsibilities which contribute directly to the reinforcement of the mission of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and the achievement of its vision.

The main goals and objectives of the section are to revive the Islamic culture and heritage in the intellectual circles by publication of specialized books and pamphlets in this regard, the promotion of moderate Islamic teachings and culture through religious lectures and sermons conducted in many locations and the local media in cooperation with different Government establishments and non-Governmental bodies.

The Research, Dawah institutes and Dawah centers section also organizes conferences, training programs, specialized workshops and Islamic knowledge competitions and actively participates in local and international programs and events.

In addition, the section supervises all the Islamic dawah institutes and Islamic dawah centers which teach and promote Islamic sciences and culture and is constantly working towards their improvement.

Our mission: To reinforce the mission of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and contribute positively to the achievement of its goals and objectives through promoting the values of moderation and improvement of the language and approach of the Islamic call and preaching in Bahrain. We also seek to positively reinforce the role of Islamic knowledge in the society.


These are national institutes which specialize in teaching Islamic religious sciences and training of Muslim preachers and callers utilizing the methodology of moderation and close connection to the fundamentals of the faith but also maintaining awareness of the current modern times and its requirements. They have a flexible studying scheme or timings.

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These are non-governmental national establishments which help the youth to invest their free time in useful activities that will benefit them and their society by enhancing their knowledge and skills and instilling in them high moral values which will improve their characters and behaviour and their general social wellbeing.

List Of Official Youth Centers In Bahrain


These are non-governmental national organizations which seek to promote awareness of the Islamic teachings, principles and civilization to the expatriate communities residing in the kingdom of Bahrain.

List Of Official Dawa Centers In Bahrain

Hijri Booklet 1441

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